Saturday, August 9, 2008

Little Monster

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Mine started with a migraine and ended with a bigger one! I had made an appointment to drop my car off for what I thought was going to be an easy fix, after all it is a 2007. New cars don't go bad. I sat around the house all day waiting for a call to pick it up instead I got a call 15 minutes before we were due to go out of town (in my car) and minutes from when they were due to close for the day. They told me to come and get a loaner! My car is going to take a few days to fix. The main steering spring mechanism went bad. I hate driving a car that I'm not familiar with and not knowing where I am going. To top it off the car they gave me was red! Anyone, that knows me knows I have a huge phobia about RED cars! Luckily my trip there was uneventful with the exception of being told when we were 1/2 way there that we could not come home the same way. Now why could I not be told this beforehand so I could have looked it up. I was one ticked driver trying to make my way home some 100 miles away in one of the worst down pours ever of course, it was in the dark on a bunch of rural roads. Can you say super migraine!

This little monster sort of looks like me right about now with his bulging cross eyes and sort of green feeling. This cute set is from Unity and is called "Little Monster" I mounted him on purple and green Lasting Impressions paper. To give his hair and nose some sparkle I used Spica markers to color and Copic markers on the monster.

Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoy this cute lil card.


catdidit said...

Very cute! Love how you did the eyes down at the bottom too, neat idea!
Hope you headache feels better, hate getting those!

Jennifer Love said...

Yikes! Hope tomorrow is better. :)

Cute card! Love the little monster guy!

Michelle said...

Sorry about your migraine and the car! Your monster is super cute!

milesavery2 said...

Love your monster. I was wondering where he came from?
I hate those headaches. You have had a time of it with headache and car problems. Hope you get better soon.
Pat Asaro

Marion said...

I love this!! I can't wait for Halloween!!

Kathy said...

Love this monster card! :) Send it to me LOL