Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brother's Birthday Card

Finally, the weekend is here. You would not believe my week. It started off with my car not being done on Monday like promised. The dealer called me at 4:00 to tell me the truck bringing the parts did not arrive in time for them to put them in and I would have to drive this RED loaner another day. When I went to leave work the Airbag light came on and would not go off...HUM just like mine the one that was in the shop! I drove from work to the dealership to tell them I needed another loaner! Too funny! They decided NOT to give me another as I was a jinx. I told them NO they were warned not to put me in a red car! They did have my car ready to go on Tuesday and told me to just pull the one I was driving into the garage so they could write it up. This was no minor repair the whole steering column had to be removed> I suspect they will have a recall on this model very shortly as my car only had 14,000 miles and the loaner 21,000 miles both are 2007 models.

I am still running the entire show at work since boss is not expected to return this season. Anyone, that has ever tried managing an all guy shop knows my pain. The size of the shop is slowly dwindling. Two workers were hospitalized one with cancer and the other with similar symptoms to the boss:(. With all this happening my mojo for blogging and creating is down.

My family sucks! Most every member of importance has a birthday in August or September (Kathy included) shhh her birthday is September 18. Of course, they all expect a homemade card. My baby brothers birthday was this past week luckily his party is not until this evening so my card is timely:)

With my mojo down I was stumped on a card until I remember the old rule "just pick out some manly colors" and the rest goes together! You can never go wrong selecting blues, browns and tans for male cards.

For this card I used one of my favorite SU guy sets which is now retired "Words by Wilson". I used my new Argyle embossing folder on tan cs and paired it up with some perfectly matching patterned paper from Carolees called "Preppy Argyle" . The linen sentiment is from Joann's essentials which I inked a bit to match the rest. Added a couple of metal brads to the bottom and a little ribbon to complete.
A tip: I brushed the embossed cs with some ink to give it added depth and make it stand out more. I always use my Colorbox "dune" ink for this.
I now have one less card to make, now I am off to make cards for step sons birthday, hubby's birthday, aunt's birthday, mom's birthday, Kathy's birthday and anniversary. Maybe you ought to check back with me next year!!!!!!
Enjoy your Saturday and thanks for checking in.

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catdidit said...

This card is sooo perfect for a man! LOVE it! Love the brushed ink on the embossing! My family does the same to me, all birthdays are in July! About 8 of them, lol!

Hope things get less stressful at your job for you, I know how that can just suck your creativity!