Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chocolate Delight

Fair warning to dieters... You might want to skip this post! This Chocolate Chocolate Triffle is heaven in a bowl. It is made very similar to the "Red, White & Blue" triffle I previously posted but I wanted to change things up and came up with this recipe. This one is good for when the prices of fresh fruit are sky high or when you just need a double CHOCOLATE fix!


1 large box chocolate instant pudding
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup milk
1 14oz. Carnation Condensed Milk
1 10 oz container heavy whipping cream
1 Pint container heavy whipping cream
1 13X9 Family Size Brownie Mix (Don't burn them... that's another story!)
1 small dark chocolate candy bar- Shred or curl for topping
sugar to taste about 6 Tablespoons

Prepare brownie mix according to package directions, cool completely. Cut into 1" squares.

In a large bown combine pudding mix, milk, water and condensed milk. Mix Until smooth.

Whip smaller container of whipping cream until stiff adding about 2 T of sugar. Fold into pudding mix until no streaks remain.

Whip remaining whipping cream adding about 4 Tablespoons of sugar, just to taste sweetness until stiff.

In a glass bowl or triffle bowl place 1/2 the brownies, 1/2 the pudding mixture, 1/2 the whipped cream. Repeat layers. Top with shaved or curled chocolate candy bar.
Refrigrate leftovers, like there will be any!

Servings 12 Calories about a Zillon!

Enjoy your Sunday I am taking my dessert to a picnic in an isolated bag of course!

Have a SWEET day!


catdidit said...

*wipes drool off keyboard* Okay, that looks soooo delicious!

Shirley said...

One can tell it is a zillion. All things are that are scrumptious and oh so delicious!!!

Kadie Labadie said...

How FABULOUS does that look. I think I need to go get on the floor and do about a zillion sit-ups just after looking at that. Who needs fruit when you have CHOCOLATE. Thanks for sharing this YUMMY FABULOUS MEAL! Kadie

Kathy said...

Yum. You should throw some broken up oreos in there for good measure. Doesn't look fattening enough on its own LOL

Amanda said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I must make this now!!! It looks sooooooooooooooo good!! :) Thanks for sharing! :)