Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dry Embossed Holloween

I have to share a DUMB guy story with you all but first let me share another card quite similar to yesterday's (same layout) only all dry embossed. I used the same color scheme and papers but pulled my brass out for this one. Which do you like better? I also cut the wording for this one out using a new Halloween Cuttlebug folder.

Now on to this story you will love. First a little background I do not own a cell phone.... I see jaws dropping, how could anyone live without one? ME:) I love my quiet time as I commute back and forth to work. That is when I dream up all my creative ideas. I run a local readymix company and today the weather was rainy so I sent home all the guys with the exception of 2 drivers and the mechanic. The mechanic has been with the company awhile. I recently hired a new driver (2 weeks ago) who was not one of the guys working today. His name is Marlon!

Now on to my story for today. I received a phone call that the boss needed me to pick him up from dialysis and take him home so having to leave unexpectedly I told the mechanic to answer the phones and take messages. I was gone a little longer then expected. The boss decided he was hungry and took me to lunch. When I returned I was greeted with "Oh thank heavens your back" Puzzled I asked "WHY". A driver had returned and was paid in cash. They could not figure out what to do with the money so my ace mechanic says "I called Marlon". I said to him "Why the HELL would you call someone that has been with company less then 2 weeks" OK You will love his response Are you ready......
"He was the only one that would answer the phone".!!!! So then trying not to laugh to hard at them I asked where they found his number? In the phone book just below where bosses cell phone was!! Is that not FUNNY!

OK, I am off to nurse this headache I have had all week (wonder why) see above:)

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Sue said...

Love that hat and spidey and the stiching too!

catdidit said...

Hahaha!! Too

I love this card too! I think I like this one better, love that stiching on it, is that embossing? so hard to tell in photos!

Sharon Rivera said...

That is too funny, Nettie. No wonder you have an ongoing headache. Cute little card you've made. Thanks for visiting my blog because now I've found yours! Yippee! Another cool blog to browse. ;) Hugs!

Shirley said...

Cute and creative use of the ric-rac hanging from the hat for the spider's web.