Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where O Where has She Been Part 3

Good evening, tonight's share is another one of my favorite remodeling projects I took on over the fall months. It is a bedroom that was made into a guest room. I call it my "Green Room". This room in it's previous life was covered in a brown plaid wallpaper and shag green carpet.... yes very 60's . The previous owners must have been seriously color challenged. They certainly were not interior decorators. Upon removing the first layer of wallcovering I discovered yet a second, no wait a third layer of wallpaper. YUCK! It took me much longer to remove then I had hoped for but well worth it.

Under the shag carpet was a diamond in the rough just waiting for me. The wood floor was in beautiful shape due to carpet protecting it for so many years. It only took a minimal amount of work to bring back it's luster and expose the beauty of it.

To add a couple of personal touches to the room, I sanded, painted and recovered the cushion to an antique chair, that has seen better days. The picture one of my favorites hanging above the bed is a masterpiece created by my DD while in high school.

For some odd reason this room never had a cold air return in it so the air circulation in the room was terrible. To eliminate this problem I installed a ceiling fan. This took care of the outdated ceiling fixture as well.

I had planned to share some cards but the weather has been perfect this week for working outdoors so I painted a desperately needed shed and started painting the exterior of the house.
It seems like one project is leading into another these last few months. I desperately need to take on a card challenge to get back into the swing of it or need a crafting buddy. Who's coming to stay?

Have a super evening, thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where O Where has She Been Part 2

Good morning today I thought I would share more pictures of home repairs I managed to get accomplished during my long absence of blogging. This project started last fall and only recently was I able to complete it. I was having a horrible problem with slow drains in the house necessitating the replacement of a sewer line due to tree roots which invaded the old clay tile. I really hated to take out the bushes even though they were way overgrown.

The landscape design was my own and I think it adds much more curb appeal to the yard now that it is complete. I still may change up some plants, add some bushes etc.

After allowing the ground to settle all winter I was able to put down 11 yards of dirt and 4 yards of mulch to complete the landscaping. The stamped and colored walkway was done by a local contractor who I personally know. I can't say enough about his work, he is fantastic. Working in the concrete business has it's perks!

Have a wonderful day, get out and enjoy your yard. I know I will now:)

Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where O' Where has she been?

Gosh, where has time gone? I guess I should begin this post my apologizing to all my loyal followers for my long absence.

I am truly sorry for not updating my blog on a regular basis but I got involved with doing some major renovations around my house during the winter months that I expected to be completed much sooner. I encountered several unexpected surprises along the way. Let's just say I have put months and months of sweat equity into my house and still have much more to go :(.......

Thus far, over the last several months I have completed painting a two car garage and workbenches, 2 bedrooms from top to bottom, a hallway, a major gutting of a basement to create a craft room oasis and landscaping to repair the mess left from replacing the sewer line last spring. I think that is all aside from other minor fix-ups.

Since I have so many pictures of before and after to share with you, I will break them into several days of post.

Today, I am so anxious to share the biggest of my projects... The basement!

A little background first.... The basement had been in horrible shape for years. Many years ago it sustained a major flood and from that point on I never bothered to venture down there. It became a storage haven for all castaway items. Clearing it out was a project in itself and torturous! The floor was tiled with old carpet squares that were rotten and moldy. The paneled walls were buckled from water. With the help of a dear friend I gutted the basement and let me tell you, what a mess getting up the old floor!! That alone took days and several trials and errors using various chemicals and methods.

The first pictures you see are the basement prior to any work and they progress from there into what I now am calling my dream room. Believe it or not the room went together pretty cheaply.
I did splurge on two items one being the wall mounted cubbie holder that houses all my flowers and Sticklers. It was purchased at Home Decorator marked down to $75.00. I am so glad I bought it. The quality is amazing! The other purchase I made was the embellishment cabinets (6 drawers) from Ikea. They too are of a super quality and house not only my embellishments but as you can see punches easily without warppage. The center work table I made myself!

I have always drooled over the Bradford one that Pottery Barn carries but priced at $1000.00 was never in my budget. After looking at it for days and doing a little internet searching I came upon this post and decided to make it myself. It is totally true that it can be made for less then n $150.00 . The 4 x 8 sheet cost me $30.58 at Home Depot. I had them cut it to my size and have some left over for a nice shelf. I now have a nice table to work on with plenty of storage underneath. It took me about 4 hours to assemble the cubes and to trim the edging of the melamine sheet with melamine iron-on trim but I absolutely love how it turned out.

So, who wants to come play in my new room? Hopefully, before long I will be cranking out some cards to share.

Thanks for hanging in there during my long absence!