Sunday, May 11, 2008

I am one Loved Mom!

I want to wish all my readers a wonderful Mother's Day it is my hope each and every one of you are treated as special as me. My daughter is the most sweetest, loving, caring daughter in the world and so is my SIL! I am the luckiest mom on the planet to have been given such a wonderful daughter and SIL. She certainly knows how to pamper her mom. Check out all I received in the mail from her and my SIL. My lens on my camera could not even capture it all I had to take pictures in sections! She recently attended the Lasting Impressions warehouse sale and I think she may have bought them out judging from the box of goodies I got. Inside this huge 27 lb box was paper, ribbon, thread, rub ons, templates, envelope templates of all sizes, 6x6 paper stacks galore,template organizers, buttons and more buttons, envelopes, scrapbook pad with templates, CANDY, and the favorite of course was the picture frame she created for me by paper piecing LI paper using a new MFT stamp set. The detail on this is incredible! She did an awesome job on it I don't think I would have the patience to make such a beautiful piece. I certainly will cherish it for years to come. One last thing she sent me a Mother's day card and on outside it says "gratitude" I am the one that should be sending HER that card because I am so grateful to have her as my daughter. Motherhood was easy with her in the house she was the perfect child in every sense of the word. Thank you Kathy for being my daughter! The only thing missing this morning is my burnt toast and of course, her being here.

Happy Mother's Day to all and thanks for stopping by. Check back later to see my measly gift to my mom if I get it finished and get all my new goodies put away.


Deb Neerman said...

Wowza, what a haul, Nettie!

Hmmmm, ya thin' you're daughter wants to adopt a stepmother?!?

Hope you have a wonderful day!

~Hugs, Deb

Littlekel90 said...

I am a little late for Mother's Day but I see you had a TERRIFIC gift waiting for you at least. Wow, Kathy really knows how to spoil her mom. What a sweetheart! I TOTALLY love the picture frame, but I have to say I saw it before you did!! LOL (sneaky, sneaky) Kelly :)