Sunday, March 9, 2008

Waiting for Day Break

I may not get much stamping done here today like I had planned. My area got hit with over 2 FOOT of snow and I think it all landed in my drive. I attempted to start on it yesterday and went out for about 1 hour. I had only an area of 2 x 4 foot done! Since my drive is 100' long I figure if I widdle away at it all day I may be able to get out in time to go to work tomorrow. I would gladly hire someone to do it but it seems all the snowplow trucks around here refuse to plow unless you buy a yearly contract which we didn't. Perhaps I can train the deer to eat it, why not they eat my flowers every spring. LOL Maybe, if I made a sign up "Free Snow Take All You Want" some sole might come along and take it away:) Of course, the snow blower is not working and won't work on snow of this magnitude anyhow. I am so dreading this, my back can feel it already. The last time I have seen this much snow in a 48 hour period was in 1978-79.

Wish me luck and have a nice SUNNY day!

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