Thursday, February 14, 2008

I've got your Number

I made these address books for gifts and all of them were well received. You might have guessed they are all made from coasters and the templete can be for in Maya Road creative corner! The hardest part of making this project is deciding what color to make for whom. If you decide to make one be sure to share them with me.
I submitted this project to a contest that Peata was having and to my surprize WON!
List of Supplies
Lasting Impressions software
Lasting Impression Template (telephone)
Lasting Impressions Paper
PDF page inserts
Double stick tape
Rub on letters
3D crystal Lacquer
Tiny flower punch
1" Book Rings
Misc. Ribbons
4x4 Coasters
standard hole punch
Basic Directions
Glue front and back paper to coaster. Punch 3 holes and use it as a template to punch individual address pages. Decorate front panel.Print address pages and punch holes. Punch out flowers add lettering coat letters with lacquer for durability and glue to small tab. Insert into page and glue pages shut. Install rings and decorate with ribbon to complete.
You get a front and back page on the PDF. To make 2 pages on a sheet of 8 ½ x 11. Print two copies. Lie a front and back side by side with about 1/8" gap (to allow for fold) between them. You will then have an upper and a lower complete set. Use this as your master and run off copies. Cut out and fold left to right. They will look like pocket insert tab and glue them shut. For the tabs I used a flower punch and doubled up on them glued a front and back together so they look good from both the front and back of book. If you used solid paper it wouldn’t be needed. I took some scraps of paper left and just glued flowers to them to create tab to insert into pages.


Littlekel90 said...

Ooh, these are adorable, and I LOVE the little flowers used for tabs. Such a terrific idea. I found your blog through Alison, but I definitely will add you to my RSS feed. Such beautiful work! :D

jacki j. said...

ditto everything Littlekel90 said. The address books are fabulous!

Sue from Oregon said...

No surprise are one talented chickie! Wonderful creations...Congrats!