Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where O Where has She Been Part 3

Good evening, tonight's share is another one of my favorite remodeling projects I took on over the fall months. It is a bedroom that was made into a guest room. I call it my "Green Room". This room in it's previous life was covered in a brown plaid wallpaper and shag green carpet.... yes very 60's . The previous owners must have been seriously color challenged. They certainly were not interior decorators. Upon removing the first layer of wallcovering I discovered yet a second, no wait a third layer of wallpaper. YUCK! It took me much longer to remove then I had hoped for but well worth it.

Under the shag carpet was a diamond in the rough just waiting for me. The wood floor was in beautiful shape due to carpet protecting it for so many years. It only took a minimal amount of work to bring back it's luster and expose the beauty of it.

To add a couple of personal touches to the room, I sanded, painted and recovered the cushion to an antique chair, that has seen better days. The picture one of my favorites hanging above the bed is a masterpiece created by my DD while in high school.

For some odd reason this room never had a cold air return in it so the air circulation in the room was terrible. To eliminate this problem I installed a ceiling fan. This took care of the outdated ceiling fixture as well.

I had planned to share some cards but the weather has been perfect this week for working outdoors so I painted a desperately needed shed and started painting the exterior of the house.
It seems like one project is leading into another these last few months. I desperately need to take on a card challenge to get back into the swing of it or need a crafting buddy. Who's coming to stay?

Have a super evening, thanks for stopping by.


Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

What a transformation! Nettie the room is beautiful. The hardwood floors look brand new and I love that color of green! I wish I had that kind of energy to take on projects like that!

Donna said...

Hi Nettie. The room is gorgeous, of course, and I can't wait to visit. Now put down the brush and go pick up a stylus! Hugs, :-) D

Cin said...

The room turned out fab! Great job on the chair. What a great makeover! The house is coming along wonderfully!