Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where O Where has She Been Part 2

Good morning today I thought I would share more pictures of home repairs I managed to get accomplished during my long absence of blogging. This project started last fall and only recently was I able to complete it. I was having a horrible problem with slow drains in the house necessitating the replacement of a sewer line due to tree roots which invaded the old clay tile. I really hated to take out the bushes even though they were way overgrown.

The landscape design was my own and I think it adds much more curb appeal to the yard now that it is complete. I still may change up some plants, add some bushes etc.

After allowing the ground to settle all winter I was able to put down 11 yards of dirt and 4 yards of mulch to complete the landscaping. The stamped and colored walkway was done by a local contractor who I personally know. I can't say enough about his work, he is fantastic. Working in the concrete business has it's perks!

Have a wonderful day, get out and enjoy your yard. I know I will now:)

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Sue from Oregon said...

What a pain, but bet you are so glad that is out of the way! Love your stamped sidewalk!

GiftsByHeidi said...

It looks wonderful! You are a woman on a mission!