Monday, October 25, 2010

Who's Batty

Good Evening, my eyes are crossed from attaching all the googly eyes! I may have gone batty!

For this card I used Lasting Impressions Sea Shore paper and an older LI template (L9443).
For placement of the bats on card stock I used LI software.

What a fun card it would be especially fun to mail it and see how many eyeballs stay on. LOL

Have a delightful day. Thanks for stopping by.


Sue from Oregon said...

Fun! I think googlies always and a great touch!

Donna said...

You have gone quite batty, my friend! LOL Love the idea and that's actually a template I don't have. Oh noooooooo.

Cin said...

Not sure how I missed this card since I'm set up to see all your new posts but I did. I think it's absolutely ADORABLE! I love it!