Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick Holiday Card #3

Good Evening, yet another quick hoilday card. This one was created using Lasting Impressions cs, Cuttlebug "snow" folder, Ellison cut and emboss "snowflake" die, Nestabilities and a Sizzix embossing folder. For proper placement of wording I removed it from the folder and hand embossed the wording. I just love how delicate the snowflake looks. After laying it out it looked somewhat dull and a bit too plain so I added a splash of color with the red button and ribbon. Completed card took less then 10 minutes.

Thanks for stopping by, I am off to nurse a leg with ice that I screwed up in an attempt to toss a TV. My hubby's brother is having a super rough time dealing with his loss. The two of them did everything together so I thought I would have him over to help me with some projects, this being one of them. The TV was much heavier then the pair of us thought, it really was deceiving. In an attempt to get this moster off of him going down the stairs I strain the front of my thigh and it broke into the worst charlie horse ever. It was quick a spectical watching me jump around in an attempt to get out of pain. I think I may have pulled a muscle because I can not lift leg and the charlie horse is still there.... Is there a doctor in the house. I have already put mother on alert in case I can't get out of bed. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful creative evening:)


Kathy said...

Yup. You probably pulled/tore a muscle. Sounds real familiar :). Ice the crap out of it (20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, 20 minutes back on, etc...) and take lots of ibuprofen. Hope it clears up.

Love the card (especially the pop of red!) :)

Cin said...

Your card came out great Nettie! Glad to see you could put to use some of the goodies I sent :)

~ Cin.

Crafty Math Chick said...

OH no! :( My best advcie is ice. Ice, ice, and more ice. Ice the snot out of it. You know the abbreviation "RICE = rest, ice, compression elevation"? It works! I say ice for the first 24 hours (literally) and then switch to heat. A pain reliever like ibuprofen will help too.

Wish I lived closer - you could come over for dinner (or I could bring it there). I am making spaghetti pie, and a chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert, if I get ambitious.

Feel better soon oh master of cute, quickie cards!