Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quick Holiday Card #2

Hello two post in one week, that is a record for me lately. This is another quick card I made over the weekend. I really did not like this Lasting Impressions template until Kathy insisted she saw a card made with this template and it looked really good. I used the new "Limeade" cs from Lasting Impressions and decided to leave the tree plain rather then jazz it up so the mail demons wouldn't tear it up hopefully. The brown buttons sit lower then the image so they should travel safely through the mail. The stamp is from the CHF "Kim Hughes" collection.

Enjoy your evening. I plan on turning on some Christmas tunes and attempting to get some cards made. That's the plan BUT what I actually will get done is another story. It has been a tough couple of days at work which has been leaving me exhausted!

Added tip- I flip my cards inside out to further protect any embellishments when mailing. Just make sure you put a note inside telling them to flip the card. To my horror I went over to one relatives house only to see my pretty card being displayed inside out. Their defense was "it looks pretty both ways"!!! LOL


Sue said...

Cute tree!

Jennifer Love said...

Oh my word...I LOL'd at the card displayed inside out. hehehe!

Gorgeous card you made and great idea for the inside-outing it for mailing!



Crafty Math Chick said...

That's a great tip about mailing inside out - never thought of that! Don't understand what you mean about the buttons needing to be lower though... :(

Nettie said...

What was meant is the buttons sit lower then the image on the card front so they are less likely to get injury if they go through the postal meter or before dislodged..


catdidit said...

Oh you have been turning out some awesome cards! More than I have lately, lol! I had to LOL at the card displayed inside out, lmao too funny! I love the colors on this card, taken with shade of green lately for some reason.