Sunday, October 26, 2008

I've Gone Batty!

Just kidding but I truly feel like I am ready to go batty! This cutie was created using a new Lasting Impressions template and some of their new paper. For the panels used LI tangerine paper emobssed them using Cuttlebug folder and mounted them to black before adding to front of card. The moon I cut using circle Nestie and wording created using a "monster" font. Aged edges and panels using Colorbox warm red and tangerine and Versamark black inks with a sponge. To finish off I added some bat eyelets that I have had forever!

I forgot to mention in yesterdays post that I also trimmed an overgrown HUGE hedge that spams the entire length of the front of my house and is about 3' acrossed. I am so pleased to see my front door again. Maybe I will take pictures when I am done with the leaves. Today I have a meeting with a roofer/remodeler, fun fun!

Have a fun filled day and thanks for stopping by.


Sue said...

I so love your embossed cards...Great card!

Crafty Math Chick said...

Hi Nettie,

I like your card though I hope you aren't really going batty. :)

Congrats on the hedging! That reminds me - I have to cut back the rose bush and give the other 22 small trees/scrbus/bushes/what's the difference? required by the covenant of our complex myself soon. One last time then I hope to be set for the winter. I must be very out of shape - my forearms hurt to the point of shaking after I clip hedges! Sad, isn't it? Hope that doesn't happen to you!

Best Wishes,

Grin and Barrett said...


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Orrville, Ohio

Jennifer Love said...

I love it!

And as for pictures of home projects? I'm ALL OVER THAT! hee! I just had some {weeds} plants removed from my front yard that went completely across the entire front and were 15 feet tall and five feet thick! They had to bring in a I feel your pain with the oogly stuff in front. It really made a big difference at my house!

Juanita D. said...

I'm a little late, but I still wanted to wish you a belated birthday! Kathy linked me up to you so now I'll add you to my list.
BTW, I love your turkey card!!!!

Littlekel90 said...

Great card sketch you used with this batty card. That has to be the cutest bat I have ever seen.

Sorry I missed your birthday on the 2nd! Happy Belated, Nettie!! :) Hugs, Kel

Stefanee said...

I love your card!!